Prior to shutting their west coast doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brooklyn-based retailer ‘Alter’ was the hottest new shop for all genders on the Sunset Strip. Here are some photos I took of the Silver Lake shop in February, 2020.

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Window mannequins styled by co-owner Roy Caires.

It’s no secret that American news outlets are known to be incredibly biased, and that their audiences reflect that bias, usually based on political ideologies and age. America’s primary news sources are FOX News and CNN, 16% and 12% of American viewers respectively, and according to All Sides, an organization for unbiased news, FOX and CNN couldn’t be further apart on the political spectrum. The next leading news source is NPR, which is considered to be an unbiased outlet besides their left leaning opinion section, but only 5% of Americans regularly get their news from NPR.

So what does all…

By: Danielle Tranter, Yasmine Cardenas & Elianne Salas

Promotional stickers AS intended to hand out to students who filled out their census. (Provided by Kevin Mojaradi)

As she made her way to class just days before spring break, Mayra Lopez was approached by what she suspected to be two Census Bureau field staff. Lopez, a student at California State University, Northridge, had been directed to fill out the census, the same day she received an email about classes shifting to virtual modalities.

Without prior information from Student Housing or Associated Students, Lopez answered the questions and counted herself at her home address — not the dorm address.

That was a mistake. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, students who had returned home on April 1, Census…

Photos from California State University, Northridge during California’s coronavirus lockdown.

CSUN declared they would move to total online learning for the remainder of the semester on March 17th, 2020. Since then, students and non-essential employees have been told to stay home until it is safe to return, leaving the campus feeling very different than it did before spring break.

All photos taken by Danielle Tranter on March 31, 2020:

One of the entrances to Manzanita Hall, the journalism building, at CSUN in Northridge, Calif. This entrance is usually backed up by traffic coming in and out of the building and has skateboarders performing tricks outside. Now, it’s empty with campus closures in effect through the rest of the semester.

My dad, who works at a grocery store in another state, asked if I needed him to send me any food or supplies for my house. A very kind gesture, but as a healthy young woman, I didn’t think it was necessary. I told him I could use a few spare rolls of toilet paper since my hunt for a pack of even the thinnest-ply was unsuccessful, and he insisted upon also sending me the store’s last cups of mac n’ cheese, and some pretzels he remembered me liking.

Even after reassuring him that I’d stocked up on plenty of…

Outside of Alter Los Angeles. Photo by Danielle Tranter.

To Tommy Cole and Roy Caires, having their store be bicoastal was once only a dream. They had thought about making the move to Los Angeles before, but life in Brooklyn, NY surely kept them on their toes. That was until their friend Christina Barbier, owner of Maven Womenswear, moved her business back to Louisiana, and immediately notified the Alter co-founders about her available storefront in Silver Lake, which would soon become their first West Coast location.

Alter is located near the corner of Micheltorena Street and Sunset Boulevard.

It wasn’t long after that they started getting shipments delivered to…

I f*cking love Instagram. I’ve had the app practically since it’s inception and now spend multiple hours a day scrolling and double tapping. I’d say the past 9 years I’ve accumulated a pretty interesting following list, including some of the coolest art you’ve never seen before. I love discovering new artists, styles of art, things I know I would never have even thought of, without Instagram.

Below are 7 of my favorite artist accounts on Instagram, I hope you enjoy their feeds as much as I do.


Mr.Babies was the first real art account I followed on Instagram. He…

Photo by Danielle Tranter

By no means am I an artist. I am however, an enthusiast of the arts, passionate about creative expression- wherever inspiration may come from. As a college student, boredom is often the blandest version of inspiration, whether it be sitting in class, in front of a computer, in a meeting. We spend so much time sitting around listening to people talk that it’s nearly impossible to not let our minds wander, leading our hands to guide our pencils away from those thin blue lines, to the margins where our doodles begin to take over the page.

Depending on the context…

Danielle Tranter

CSUN Journalism Student, Occasional Photo Editor

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